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Handbags and Purses

Bad Mother Leather creates handmade leather handbags, totes, and purses. When you purchase a bag from Bad Mother Leather, you can be assured you are buying a leather product that is hand cut from full-grain hides right here in our shop. We combine techniques of both hand and machine stitching to craft the most durable and functional bags possible. When hand-stitching, we use a tried and true method known as traditional saddle-stitching. That’s right, as the name implies, the same technique used by famous saddle makers around the world is the same technique we use for our handbags, totes, and purses as well as our other goods. Most of our bags are one-of-kind or a limited edition.

A common question we get asked often is, “why do our bags not have liners like other designer bags?” Our answer is this. While liners can be beautiful, they are however made of other non-leather materials that are not nearly as durable. They have a tendency to deteriorate much faster than our full-grain leather. As with all of our products, we only manufacture items that are built to last. This is why we don’t use fabric liners in our bags. Although, occasionally we do line some of our products with suede. In case you don’t see something you like in our collection, we offer Custom Bags. Use our custom orders form to start the process.