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Leather Care

At Bad Mother Leather, we take great pride in everything we make from the design process to production. We believe your leather goods deserve to be well cared for even after you own them. This is why we created our very own small-batch Leather Balm. Our proprietary blend of 100% organic waxes and oils restores, protects, and waterproofs your full-grain leather goods. This will ensure they last for years and years if not a lifetime. We suggest applying a coat of our leather balm bimonthly.

You ask why should I? Leather lasts forever, right?

  • First of all, nothing lasts forever. However, a well cared for, regularly conditioned and waterproofed leather goods could quite possibly out live you and even your children and grandchildren.
  • Regular maintenance of your leather good will translate into savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the years.
  • You’ve already invested in top-quality full-grain leather goods so it only makes sense to take pride in their care.
  • Additionally, this is good for the environment as it minimizes waste

So give your handcrafted leather goods the respect they deserve by conditioning them regularly with our Leather Balm. I’m sure you’ve all seen the way leather frays and deteriorates when it has not been properly conditioned and cared for over the years. Don’t let that happen to your investment. Sure, we at Bad Mother Leather wouldn’t mind your repeat business when you came back to us to purchase another wallet, belt, or handbag but, we’d much rather you not have to go through all the trouble and heartbreak. So, be sure to follow our care instructions carefully. You will thank yourself later.

How to Apply Leather Balm