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The Process

1. Leather/Hardware Selection

When it comes to leather, Bad Mother Leather knows best. We source only full-grain leather products, sustainable and durable hardware, and organic ingredients for all of our products. But, our first love will always be leather. For each handcrafted piece, we hand select the most beautiful leathers that come from some of the oldest and most famous tanneries in Europe and Central America. Each hide tells a story that will patina into a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. Curious why we use only full-grain leather or just want to learn more about different kinds of leather in general? Learn more here on our page, Why Full/Top Grain Leather?

2. Measure Twice. Cut Once.

Our customers expect the best products, so we’ve made it our mission to deliver above-and-beyond expectations. Each handcrafted piece is designed and measured to deliver on their purpose beautifully. We want our customers to use their Bad Mother Leather goods daily. To ensure this, we take great pride in designing and developing new and custom products as well improving upon our classics. Every detail matters to us even if our customers might not notice all of them. It’s the intricate details that set our products apart from the rest. This is the standard of quality and detail we live by.

3. Stitching /

What sets a Bad Mother Leather handmade leather bag or wallet apart from the rest are the finishing touches that we add to each piece. Our unique designs are a blend of both classic and modern eras. With details from matching/contrast stitching in our wallets and purses to the hand-carved, hand-dyed, and hand-painted finishes, each piece has been lovingly designed and created just for you.